Specialized Services For Wasp And Bee Removal

Don't let a bee or wasp infestation endanger your family. At Alliance Pest Management, you can count on the experience and knowledge of our staff to handle an infestation of bees and wasps, along with other stinging insects. Call us now to get started!

Same-Day Service

You won't have to worry about waiting days for someone to come out and take care of your bee or wasp situation. Alliance Pest Management provides same-day services for your convenience and safety. The University of Arizona says that ALL wild honey bees, those not in a beekeeper monitored hive, must now be considered to be Africanized.

Prepare For Your Service Appointment

Observe where bees and wasps may be coming out of or going into, which may be their nesting site. This could be a hollow part of a tree, a crack in the siding of your house, your water meter or sprinkler system box, or other enclosure.

If you see bees swarming, close your doors and windows and stay inside. If an adult gets multiple stings, or any amount for a child, animal, or anyone who is sensitive to bee or wasp stings, seek immediate medical attention. Calling 911 is the best course of action.