Comprehensive Services For Bird Control

If your yard is constantly polluted with bird droppings or your home is being damaged or plagued by pigeons and other annoying birds, call Alliance Pest Management today.

Whether you want to install physical deterrents such as bird spikes and netting or you need a bird hazing system, you can count on our team of professionals to end your bird issues once and for all.

Quality Bird Control Services

Our knowledgeable crew uses an assortment of eradication techniques including live traps which prevent birds from nesting in or around your house. We provide same-day service and arrive promptly, equipped with everything we need to complete your job in just one visit.

Different Bird Species Require Different Solutions

We will do a thorough inspection to evaluate the scope and severity of the problem and identify the type of birds you have - may be more than one species. We find and remove nests; clean and sanitize contaminated areas, and use environmentally safe methods to eliminate or exclude the birds.

Be ready to point out where you have seen birds, their nests, and their droppings. Do not leave dishes of pet food on a patio or in a yard. If you find a dead bird, pick it up with newspaper or gloves, scoop it into a plastic bag, and put it into the garbage. They carry disease and parasites.