African Bees: What Arizona Homeowners Need to Know

The African bee, known to most of the world as the “killer bee,” is one of the most intimidating and worrisome threats facing many homeowners today. It’s easy to understand why with a name like that floating around Arizona.

Interestingly, these bees aren’t actually native to the United States. They were cross-bred with an Italian variety of the European honeybee in the 1950s. Those new bees even outperformed non-hybrid bees in honey production. However, an assistant of the cross-breeder made history by accidentally releasing the hybridized bees into the wilderness.

From there, they were first introduced to the United States in 1985. The bees, which would later become known as Africanized bees, proved themselves to be wildly invasive and aggressive and would cross-breed themselves with any bee colony they came across.

Why are they known as killer bees?

These angry little bees are known to pursue and send attackers after anyone or anything that they think is a threat to the hive. They’ll go as far as abandoning their hive to chance that threat. On top of that, they don’t produce near as much honey as the commercial honeybee, so it’s somewhat understandable why they aren’t popular. 

Even though the venom in Africanized bees isn’t any more potent than any other bee, it’s that aggression that makes them so feared. So it is a good idea to make sure you don’t confront these bees without getting professional help. Learn more about that here.

What can you do about killer bees? 

As we said, you shouldn’t combat these bees without the right help. Because without that help, you have no way to guard yourself against their aggression. 

So don’t let these bees endanger you or your loved ones. You won’t have to worry about calling and then waiting days for a fix to your bee situation. When you reach out, you’ll get the same-day service that you deserve. Just safely monitor the bees and make sure you know where they are so you can point us in the right direction. 

If you see these bees swarming, then close your doors and windows and don’t risk your safety.

Call Alliance Pest Management today for your convenience and safety. 

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