Roof Rats - We Are In The Peak Season

There are a number of rodents that can infest your property. The most common in our area are Pack Rats, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. They can enter your home through a hole the size of a quarter, and are good climbers, using walls, trees, utility lines and fences.  They eat fruit, nuts, pet food, and any type of vegetation.

Roof Rats nest in oleanders, wood piles or your attic. If you find hollowed out fruit or hear scratching in the attic or walls, you may have roof rats. If you see a rat and its tail is longer than the body, it is a roof rat & other rats have shorter tails.


    • Do not use any rodenticides (rat poison) If another animal or large bird like on owl, or even a dog or cat, eats the dead rat, they will likely die also. Rat poison can actually attract additional rats to your yard or home, since it smells like a food source.
    • Pick up yard debris, pick ripe fruit and keep trees at least 4 feet from the roof of your house. Rats climb and jump – that is how they get into your attic, then into your ceiling and duct work.
    • Store as many food products as possible in glass containers with lids, or heavy-duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids - rats will chew through some plastic containers.
    • Move bird seed, grass seed and mulch to covered containers in the garage.
    • Do not try to grab any rodent. They bite and they can carry rabies.
    • If you find any dead rodent, dispose of it using gloves or shovel, or call us for removal.


We will identify the type of rodents you have – there may be more than one species. We use only environmentally safe methods to eliminate the rodents, installing and baiting the type of traps that we determine best for your situation, keeping in mind if you have children or pets. We will identify the harborage areas, point out seen damage to electrical wiring and insulation, and point out areas of entry that need to be repaired.

Then we return to check and re-bait the traps, and remove the rodents. The number of return visits is determined by the amount of rodent activity on your property.The first roof rat outbreak occurred in the Phoenix area in 2001 when they appeared in the Arcadia neighborhood in east Phoenix, and Alliance Pest Management was the first company to be recommended by the Arcadia Homeowners Group.


Call Alliance Pest Management today, in business since 1982. We are the company with the experience! We will solve your rodent problem.

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