When someone contacts us about bee infestations at Alliance Pest Management, the very first thing we say is “Get to a safe area, do NOT attempt to take care of the situation alone”. 

With the stings, it is best to call in the experts to remove beehives. Let’s take a look at why beehive removal needs to be left to the professionals.

Why Can’t I Just Try To Remove Africanized Bees Myself?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 2000-2017 there have been around 1,109 deaths related to bee stings and attacks. Most bees have venom and are not afraid to use it when disturbed or threatened. Some people are highly allergic to the venom, causing excess swelling, itchiness and in more severe cases, anaphylaxis and death. 

Africanized bees can sting you by the thousand, and the stings are a medical emergency.  If you jump into a pool and submerge, they will only wait for you to resurface. You have to immediately seek shelter if you are attacked.

Which Bees Are the Most Dangerous?

Africanized honey bees

are the only wild bees in Arizona and are the most aggressive type of bees. They are also the most unpredictable. If disturbed, they will attack in the hundreds if not thousands of numbers. 

Please be aware that these bees will attack any living being, including pets and children. Africanized bees do not stop attacking once they start. 

When you contact Alliance Pest Management, you will get an immediate response from our experts. You never need to wait and make an appointment when you have a bee problem.

We have the gear, removal techniques and the training to eliminate the pests. 

Why Allied Pest Management Can Solve Your Bee Problems

Our top-rated technicians are specially trained to handle bees. This includes inspecting your residence or business area, locating the beehive and ensuring its proper removal.  

We have been serving the Scottsdale, AZ  area since 1982, so we know more than a few things about pest control and bee removal. 

Our technicians are highly trained, have the proper gear and always make sure you and your property are safe from pests. Contact Alliance Pest Management today to get started.