How Your Home Might be Attracting Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes might enter your home through that hole in the window screen you kept forgetting to patch up. Or they might fly through the opening underneath your door because, despite it being on your to-do list, you forgot to add weatherstripping 

What causes mosquitoes to choose your home over others, though?

Like anything else, mosquitoes seek the trifecta of shelter, food and a place to mate. Your home becomes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes when it supplies all three. 


Believe it or not, both male and female mosquitoes feed on the nectar in flowers. The verdant and vibrant garden you so carefully cultivated may be the reason for more mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes feast on animals and humans because only blood meal contains the protein necessary for them to lay eggs. 

Grassy Areas 

Overgrown grass and foliage hide and protect mosquitoes from the sun and predators during the daytime. Walking through the area gets their attention, leading to some opportunistic bites. They will come out at night when it is cooler and ruin your evening with that buzz just as you are dozing off. Trim down your grass to give them fewer places to shelter. 

Standing Water

Mosquitoes need water for their eggs and larvae to hatch and grow, and they favor water standing water. Clogged gutters, undrained fountains and old tires can become mosquito factories. Check water troughs, old birdbaths and even puddles. Mosquitoes are capable of breeding in as little as half an inch of water.

Drain the water to disrupt their life cycle. Consider stocking your ponds with fish like Gambusia that will feast on mosquito larvae.

Bug Zappers

These contraptions will most likely attract more mosquitoes to your outdoor area than kill the bugs that come. They mainly kill harmless males, and not nearly in enough numbers to severely hamper a mosquito population. They kill indiscriminately and will take their toll on many potentially beneficial insects.

Your home is your sanctuary. Don’t let it become overrun with mosquitoes. If you have a mosquito—or any other kind of pest—problem, it might be time to bring in the professionals. Contact us at Alliance Pest Management today! 

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