Your restaurant is a major investment of heart, soul and finances. It deserves the highest level of protection from any threat, including that of dangerous, disgusting pests. These invaders can destroy your inventory, your property and even something far more valuable: your reputation. Follow these effective practices to keep pests at bay:

Inspect Everything

Be vigilant in your inspection of food shipments and containers. Look for the presence of pests or evidence of exposure, including droppings and bite or scratch marks. Stop pests from entering the restaurant through any delivery. 

Make sure all food sources are sealed and neatly stacked at least a foot away from the walls. Not only should all products be inspected upon delivery, but they should also be watched at established times for any signs of attraction. Date all food sources by using a standard, easily-tracked method.

Inspect your building for any entry points for pests. All doors and windows must have well-fitted screens and all cracks and holes must be routinely sealed. Keep doors and entryways closed as much as possible.

Keep the Inventory Flowing

Establish a system for using the oldest products first and routinely remove dated food to prevent spoilage. The odor of spoiled food attracts a wide range of pests and must be eliminated. Never allow older products to remain in your storage areas. Do not let any areas of clutter become hiding places for pests.

Maintain Cleanliness

Make sure that your restaurant is thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis. Watch for the following trouble spots:

Restaurants are a natural attraction to pests, even those that are well-maintained and sealed. Allow our experts of Alliance Pest Management to build the best defense for your establishment. We have served the Scottsdale area for over 35 years and stand ready to help you guard your investment. 

Contact Alliance Pest Management as a first step in protecting your restaurant’s reputation today. Keep your attention where it should be: on providing your customers with superb service and finding and perfecting the best entrees for your clientele.