While the majority of rodents will likely enjoy the warmth that the summer produces, once we are greeted with cooler weather, there is a strong possibility that they will try and move somewhere warmer. One place you might find them looking for warmth in your home. You may enjoy opening your home to guests, but rodents probably are not as welcomed. Here are some rodents you need to look out for during the winter months.

Pack Rats

Pack Rats - build dens made of twigs and cactus pieces, with areas for nest, food chamber and debris pile, which consists of glass, metal, fabric and other collectibles.  They will also move into attics and walls of houses.  Besides leaving urine and fecal pellets, pack rats are known to chew wires and insulation in your attics, irrigation, car, HVAC unit, swimming pool and even your outdoor pillows and cushions. 


Roof Rats 

These are the type of rats that spread the plague and typhus in the Middle Ages.  They can enter your home through a hole the size of a quarter, and are good climbers, using walls, trees, utility lines and fences.  They eat fruit, nuts and pet food, and like to nest in oleanders or your attic. If you find hollowed out fruit or hear scratching in the attic or walls, you may have roof rats. Roof rats are the most common rodent Arizona homeowners need to be on the lookout for, not only are they damaging to your home, but they are also a risk to your health!

Deer Mice 

While the most abundant and widely distributed mammal in North America, we do not see many deer mice in the valley. However, this is the mouse that carries the Hantavirus, a virus that has a fatality rate of about 36%.  The virus is in the saliva, urine and droppings and you get it by breathing contaminated dust while cleaning up after them.  They damage furniture, mattresses, clothing, paper and other materials to use for nest building. So while it may not be present often it is always safe to be cautious when you may potentially see a deer mouse. 


Any rodent you may be having a problem with can soon be our problem. We take all the proper steps and precautions to get the problem fixed and taken care of. Contact Alliance Pest Management Termite and Pest Control here to schedule your inspection today!