Bedbugs are almost legendary in their ability to strike fear, awe and horror into anyone who even thinks they may encounter them. Because they seemingly only come out when we are sleeping, they almost feel like something out of a horror movie, stalking us when we are least able to defend ourselves.

One major problem is that it is not easy to know if you have an infestation. Because they keep out of sight, often you do not know there is a problem until it is too late. However, that does not mean there aren’t any warning signs at all. Here are some signs that can indicate you may have a bedbug problem.

Red, Itchy Bites

The most obvious sign of a bedbug infestation comes in the form of the bite marks that they leave behind. Because bedbugs feed on blood they cannot eat without leaving marks behind. If you are waking up to find your skin covered in red, itchy bumps, then that’s good sign that the bed bugs are having a feast after you go to sleep – and you are the main course! Typically, these red welts will appear in zig-zags, clusters or even straight lines.

Rusty Blood Stains

Bedbugs are messy eaters. As they feast, they tend to leave a mess behind them. If you are waking up with those tell-tale signs of red welts, then most likely a quick look around will also show you other signs of infestations, in the form of rust-colored stains on your sheets. These stains are formed by the small droplets of blood that the bedbugs leave behind as they feed.

Bug Excrement and Other Leavings

As if the bloodstains weren’t enough, bedbugs tend to leave their own excrement behind as well. As they swarm over your mattress and feed on you, their normal bodily functions continue to work, which can have some disgusting results. So, another sure sign of bedbugs is bug poop, which appear as small brown spots on your sheets. You will most likely find this evidence in the corner of your sheets or your mattress, where the bugs like to hang out. You might also find other leavings, as well, including eggshells or even bedbug skin.

If this sounds like an infestation you absolutely want to avoid, then the best thing to do is to bring in the professionals. At Alliance Termite and Pest Control, our trained professionals are ready to help you keep your home pest-free: bedbugs and all. Contact us at Alliance Termite and Pest Control today!