The Best Homemade Remedies for Bug Bites

We’ve all experienced it: After a long day in the sun or outdoors, a spot on our neck, arm or leg begins to itch like crazy. Upon closer inspection, the area is red and a bit swollen. Of course, we’re talking about bug bites—an inevitable part of life. Thankfully, there are several home remedies to help stop the itch. Here, we list a handful of our favorite fixes for those irritating bug bites.


While it is always helpful to wash the affected area as soon as possible, soap has another use when it comes to bug bites. Simply apply a dab of liquid hand or dish soap to the spot to relieve itching. You can also rub dry bar soap on the bite.

Banana Peel

Try rubbing the inside of a banana peel against your bug bite. The fleshy side of the peel has a soothing effect that is especially helpful for mosquito bites. This home remedy also provides you with a healthy snack to take your mind off your itch.

Broadleaf Plantain

This is a lesser-known remedy that may seem a bit confusing. A bit different from a banana, broadleaf plantain is a very common medicinal plant that is often considered a weed. You can find broadleaf plantain pretty much anywhere, as it grows well in packed earth—by roadsides and in lawns, for example. 

It looks a bit like a hosta but with tall stalks shooting out from the center of its rosette. The leaves of this plant are edible. You can relieve bug bites by crushing or chewing up a leaf and applying it to the bite. However, make sure to wash the leaf first, as it may have come in contact with herbicides or other toxic substances if found in an unfamiliar area.

Tea Compress

Our last home remedy is another that provides a tasty byproduct. To make a tea compress, simply brew a cup of black tea using a teabag. Allow the tea bag to cool down until you can hold it without burning yourself and squeeze out some of the excess water. 

Apply the tea bag to your bug bite for a combination of a hot compress and the anti-inflammatory properties of black tea. Lastly, put the used tea bag in a sealed container in your fridge for use as a cold compress.

Bug bites are a nuisance that no one wants to deal with, but now you have a few home remedies to help. If you live in Scottsdale or its surrounding areas here in Arizona, contact Alliance Pest Management to take control of any pest infestation that’s bugging you!

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