Keeping Roaches in Control in Central Arizona Since 1982

The popular stories of roaches being the last species to survive on Earth have some basis. They have been shown in experiments to go without air for 45 minutes, or stay underwater for half an hour, and still survive. The can survive a radiation dose of 6 to 15 times that of humans. They can also withstand hours at zero or below, though they prefer warm, moist and dark conditions, which is why they love to hide in your home.

For every roach you see, there could be 100 more hiding in cracks, crevices and inside your walls. At Alliance Pest Management, we have over 30 years of experience helping homeowners and business get rid of your roach infestation and control the problem with our monthly pest control service.

Tips To Control Roach Infestation

  • Clean all kitchen surfaces
  • Vacuum daily
  • Rinse recyclable containers before storage
  • Repair water leaks and seal around all openings
  • Clean behind and under the refrigerator and inside your stove and oven
  • Cover the drains
  • Place a screen in spout of faucets

Roaches have microbes on their bodies that are dangerous to humans and tropomyosin – a protein that causes allergic reactions and can trigger asthma.

A single pesticide will not permanently do the job [source: University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management]. The only way to manage a cockroach population is with regular monthly professional pest control, with formulations to control the roach infestation.

Things To Do Before We Arrive

  • Clean the kitchen and vacuum all crumbs on the floor, shelves, and in drawers
  • Put everything like flour, chips, cookies, and pancake mix in sealed containers. The chip bag clips do not work against roaches
  • Do not forget to clean out the crumbs in the toaster
  • Clean the oven and the top of the stove - roaches love grease
  • Put away food and wash the dishes after every meal
  • Do not leave any fruit or other produce on the countertop
  • Keep garbage in a container with a tight lid and take out the trash every night
  • Mop the floor – be sure to remove any sticky spots – and clean up spills right away
  • Do not leave dog or other pet food out - feed the pet, then put away what they did not eat
  • Get any plumbing leaks fixed
  • If you kill a roach, pick it up with a Kleenex and flush it down the toilet - other roaches will come out to eat a dead roach

Our technicians will give you instructions to follow to keep your home free from roaches in the future.