Contractors: Construction Pre-Treatment

Protecting Property from Termites and Other Pests

When you're constructing a new house or building for your business, you might be excited that everything is new and will be in perfect working order for years. Unfortunately, pests have no problem with invading your newly constructed building. In fact, some might even see all of the new material as the perfect dinner.

If you don't have your building properly treated, you might find that your once new house or business building is starting to show signs of damage in as little as a couple of years. Pest control is very important even in new construction, and these services will help you keep your new building in peak condition for as long as possible.

Pre-Soil Treatment

Termites can be a major problem for existing buildings and new construction. On average, a single acre has about a dozen colonies, and each colony will have somewhere around a million termites. These tiny insects can cause structural damage in just a few years, so you should have the soil around your new construction pre-treated to prevent termites from taking up residence in your new home or business building.

Before construction on a building even begins, a trench must be dug, and termiticide must be sprayed to prevent termites from entering the future building through the foundation. After the soil that the building will sit on is treated, that area of the land is sealed in to prevent termites from entering the area.

New Construction

When you're constructing a new building in an area that has a lot of ants and other problem pests, you need to take many precautions to ensure that the building will be safe from these pests for years to come. That's why you also need to treat the building materials with insecticides to kill them. Alliance Pest Managment will treat areas for all destructive pests, such as termites bees, ants, rodents, cockroaches, scorpions, and other pests that are common in the Valley of the Sun area.


While you need to have your new building sprayed to prevent termite infestations, older buildings need to be inspected for termites in case they weren't properly protected during construction or became infested after years. If you're doing renovations on your home or business building, this is the perfect time to ensure that your property is free of termites.

Many times, if your property is being fumigated for termites, you'll need to leave. During this process, a tent will be placed over the building, and a gas will be pushed throughout the house. This gas will reach into tight corners and even wood to kill any termites in your home or business building.

If we're exterminating a home for another pest, such as birds and scorpions, this is the perfect time to learn where these pests are infiltrating your home. Since you're renovating, after we come into your home and learn where the larger pests are entering the building, you'll be able to fix any holes and damage that's making it possible for pests to invade your property.

If you're looking for a way to maintain your property, make sure that you call a professional pest control business to help you. Alliance Pest Management will help you with a wide range of pest problems, and we'll do it efficiently and safely.

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