Rid Your Property Of Rodents

If your garage, basement, attic or storage area is infested with rats, mice or other rodents and you want to get rid of them safely and effectively, then call Alliance Pest Management for expert rodent control. Whether your neighbors have roof rats and you want to prevent an infestation, or if you already have an existing problem in your home, you can depend on our employees for a fast, effective solution. Our most common rodents are Pack Rats nesting in your yard or even within your walls; Roof Rats eating ripe citrus and nesting in your attic, and Deer Mice that can carry the Hantavirus.

Our Services

Our experienced and well-trained pest management specialists will identify the type of rodent you have, may be more than one species; use environmentally safe methods to eliminate the rodents; install and bait traps; return to remove trapped rodents and re-bait traps, identify harborage areas; clean up droppings; and point out any seen damage to electrical wiring and insulation.

To-Do List Before We Arrive

  • Do not use any rodenticide (rat poison). If another animal or large bird like an owl eats the dead rat, they will likely die as well
  • Be ready to point out where you have seen rodents or their droppings
  • Pick up yard debris, pick ripe fruit, and trim back trees at least 3 feet from your house and roof
  • Store as many food products as possible in glass containers with lids, or heavy duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids, if rodent activity is found
  • Move bird seed, grass seed, and mulch to covered containers in the garage
  • Do not try to remove mouse droppings that are in a shed, cabin, or another area that has been undisturbed for a time
  • Do not try to grab any rodent. They bite and can carry rabies.
  • If you find a dead rodent, dispose of it using gloves or a shovel